Chat with PDF File(s)

Welcome to the page of our revolutionary 'Chat with PDF File(s)' tool! Here you will learn everything about the groundbreaking features of this tool and how it can help you understand and effectively work with the content of PDF documents.


The 'Chat with PDF File(s)' tool is a milestone in Artificial Intelligence and revolutionizes the way we handle PDF documents. It goes beyond the traditional word-for-word search and analyzes the content of the PDF files at a deeper level of understanding to deliver precise and informative answers to your questions. It identifies the key passages of the PDF document based on your question and then formulates the answer. It's important to understand that due to its functionality, this tool cannot perform tasks like counting over the entire document or summarizing the entire document. We recommend the 'Summarize' tool for summaries.


The 'Chat with PDF File(s)' tool is perfect for people who work with a large number of PDF documents, such as students, scientists, or professionals. It is capable of identifying and processing relevant information from large and long documents, helping you search for specific information in a PDF document, discuss specific passages, or understand the context of a section. Try it out and elevate your work with PDF documents to a new level!

Play as you go

Our 'Chat with PDF File(s)' tool is #PlayAsYouGo. This means there are no subscriptions or obligations. You can access our tool at any time without restrictions. You simply buy credits in packages that you can use as needed.


If you're ready to try the 'Chat with PDF File(s)' tool, simply click the 'Try Now for Free' button and discover the many benefits of this innovative tool. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. Welcome to the future of working with PDF documents!