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Welcome to our summary page! Here you will learn everything about our intelligent tool that quickly and easily summarizes your long texts.


The summary generator uses Artificial Intelligence to extract the most important information from a text and reduce it to a few coherent sentences. You can simply enter the text directly into the box provided or extract it from a URL or uploaded PDF file. Our tool is also able to deal with technical writing styles such as scientific papers and reports. We also support many languages, so you can use our tool anywhere in the world.


Our tool is particularly useful for students, writers, scientists, and professionals who, for example, need to go through many documents, research or analyze. The summary generator saves you a lot of time by efficiently presenting the essential information. This way, you can work more focused and increase your productivity.

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Our summary generator is easy to use and delivers precise and understandable summaries in no time. You can use it at any time and without restrictions, as there are no subscriptions or obligations. You simply buy credits in packages that you can use as needed.

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