Chat Assistant

With ChatGPT, a new era of artificial intelligence was ushered in at the end of 2022. The chat assistant has some amazing capabilities. It can answer questions, tell you jokes, and even write poetry. In many cases, the assistant eliminates the need for a search engine. Questions can be answered faster and more accurately. It is also noteworthy that the assistant understands subsequent questions correctly in the context of the chat history.

Get quick answers to questions from all disciplines. Ask the assistant if a text is well written. The chat assistant writes funny, serious, scientific, or poetic. Try out what he can all do.

Psst! Although the chat assistant can't calculate well yet, it has the knowledge of the entire internet.

Answering questions

Creative support

Texts of all kinds

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Text Tool

The text tool is your personal proofreader, your constant companion when writing. It searches texts for spelling and grammar errors and makes suggestions for improvement. You just have to enter or paste your text and the text tool will take care of the rest.

Whether you are writing a blog article, a social media post or a formal letter, the text tool is a reliable companion that ensures that your text is error-free. Do your best when writing - the text tool will make sure that your text is always linguistically flawless.

Psst! The text tool is well versed in over 25 languages.

Check and correct spelling and grammar errors

Recognize and correct problematic sentence structures and punctuation

Sentence structures and punctuation

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Summarize texts

The "Summarize" tool uses the power of artificial intelligence to quickly and easily summarize lengthy texts. The input can be typed directly into the designated field or extracted from a URL or uploaded PDF file.

This tool is especially useful for students, scientists or professionals who have to work through many documents. The summarizer can extract the essential information from a text and reduce it to a few coherent sentences without neglecting important detail. The "Summarize" tool is easy to use and generates focused and easy-to-capture summaries in no time. It can also work in many languages.

Psst! The "Summarize" tool is also capable to deal with technical writing styles such as scientific papers and reports

Saves a lot of time

Precise and understandable

Summarizes texts, websites and PDF files

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The AI Translator tool is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to quickly and easily translate texts from one language to another. The tool has a variety of language options and provides precise translations in real-time. Whether it's a short text or a long passage, the translation tool provides a high-quality translation in seconds.

The tool also translates entire PDF files and texts from websites. The tool works with powerful algorithms and can even translate the meaning of words correctly in context.

Psst! The translator has a cost-effective 'Economy' mode, for cases where a quick translation for personal use is sufficient.

Real-time translation

Supports a wide variety of languages

Precise translations in context

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Chat with PDF Files

Whether you are looking for specific information in a PDF document, want to discuss certain passages or understand the context of a section - the chat assistant can help you. It can process the content of the PDF files and provide you with accurate and informative answers. This tool is particularly useful for those who work with a large amount of PDF documents, such as students, scientists or professionals. It saves you time and effort by allowing you to interact directly with the chat assistant and extract relevant information from the PDF documents.

The 'Chat with Files' tool understands the context and sequence of questions and answers, so you can easily refer back to previous topics or delve deeper into the content. You can ask him questions about certain sections, search for connections between different parts of the text or get suggestions for similar documents.

Psst! This tool finds individual text passages that are relevant to the question. If you want to summarize the entire text, the summarizing tool is more suitable.

Efficient content analysis with intelligent text comprehension

Interactive communication with the document

Quick information search in extensive texts

Convenient and revolutionary work with PDF documents

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