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Welcome to the AI Toolbox - your toolbox for everyday use. Discover the magic of chat assistants, translations, summaries, image generators and voice generators. Simplify your workflow, bring your creativity to life, and experience the benefits of our unique AI Toolbox. Ready to try something new in the advancement of AI?

The tools of the AI Toolbox

ChatGPT is on everyone's lips. The aim of the AI Toolbox is to make artificial intelligences accessible to all. Discover how the toolbox can help you amazingly well and quickly. In addition to the famous chat assistant, the AI Toolbox has other useful tools at its disposal.

The AI Toolbox is #PlayAsYouGo. This means that there are no subscriptions or obligations. You can have access to our tools at any time and without restrictions and you only pay for actual usage.

Do you want to write a blog article and are looking for support? Does your company need social media posts with text and image? Creative images, questions and answers, text summaries and translations are just examples of the versatile applications of the AI Toolbox. Test the capabilities of artificial intelligence now and use the AI Toolbox for business and private purposes.